Guild Raiding Rules - Read before applying!


Ronin is a Family Guild that likes to raid. It is for those who desire to raid without the stress and rigid rules of an actual raiding guild. It is laid back and simple and we want to keep this atmosphere. Below is a lot of reading but it is VERY important to read it an understand it if you intend to be a Ronin Raider.

If you want to raid you MUST send your available times to Unimind via the in game mail tool. This MUST be turned in EVERY Sunday BEFORE noon Server Time. If you do not send this data you will not be put into rotation. We have a large guild and need to know who wants to raid, who is geared to raid, and what their times are.

You MUST have Discord and/or Vent installed and able to at least hear the Raid Leads in order to Raid. The Ronin Vent information is in the Guild Information tab. 

Most common raiding times are 6pm to 9pm server time during the week. It is more open during the weekend. BE ON TIME! Life happens but keep it limited and COMMUNICATE. Decline if you cannot make it.

It is important to work on heroics/mythics/dailies to get geared enough to begin raiding. We try to mix the groups with half geared half new so it evens out but there are minimum requirements we ask for. Everyone is expected to work on their gear via Heroics/Mythics/Dailies or crafted gear once they hit 110 if they want to raid and need to hit minimum. We help out with this as much as possible but in the end it falls on the player to get it done. The minimum requirements for getting into raiding are at 920 gear score.
This does not mean that we do not take "under-geared" people in some raids for experience and to help gear up at times. But it is something that we may choose to do and is not a definite. Much easier to show you are prepared or have been working towards it. We do check sites like that shows just how many heroic badges you have acquired to show how much time you have worked on getting gear.

By running heroics for rep gear, drops and badges you can easily get over a 920 rating in a very short time.

It is very helpful to bring pots and buff food if you have it, at least enough for yourself. We try and have extra and there are some on first tab of bank. Just try to be prepared. If you need help getting mats those who can help are listed below, just give enough notice for them to get it for you.

We have several fishermen and cooks that can assist with buff foods if you do not do it yourself. Buff foods can also be found in the guild bank.
Bring needed reagents for powers such as Battle Rez, Levitate, Pally Buffs etc as applies to your class.

Looting Rules.... PLEASE READ O.O

We run this on a very simple personal loot system. 

So make sure to bring your own coins for extra rolls.

RAID BEHAVIOR – Make sure you read this and understand. If you do not follow these rules, it can lead to you being removed from current raids, raid rotation, and even the guild. We have to keep the peace and the family atmosphere and to keep the raiding smooth and fair.

DO NOT speak over the Raid Lead. They will explain every fight or designate someone (usually an officer) to assist them on the explanation. Once the explanation is given the Raid Lead will ask if there are any questions, this is when you can either ask a question in regards to a fight. 

DO NOT post recount or any other data in raid or guild chat. It has caused more wipes with people trying to increase dps and losing raid awareness or cause more hurt feelings than anything said. The raid leads or officers may make a note when they see someone improving on raid but will not say who is not performing as well as they should. That will be addressed privately after all data is done to help improve the player not to belittle them.

DO NOT Harass your fellow Ronins. DO NOT complain in Raid, on Vent during raids. If you have that strong an issue with it you may WHISPER an officer AFTER the Raid. Pestering the Ronin will be considered harassment and can lead to immediate GKICK.  If you do not like how we do it, then perhaps Raiding with Ronin is not for you. How we loot and run our raids is NOT going to change. This is the most laid back and fair way to do it and is not open for discussion or debate.

DO NOT become abusive. Yelling at players before, during, or after a fight will no longer be tolerated. Raid Leads and officers may call out during the fight in a harsher tone but it is not meant to abuse a player but to help the group. The Raid Leader can handle those who make errors or are causing drama or issues in the Raid. Abuse of your fellow Ronin is not acceptable no matter what error they may have made. Please keep in mind there are still many Ronins new to raiding and errors will be made. Patience is required. If you feel you cannot keep a cool and respectful head perhaps you should take a break from raiding or not raid here. We raid for fun not for progression as a main focus. It is not fun for the person being yelled at or called names. I promise you they feel bad enough for making the mistake. Those who have performance issues will be assisted and talked to by the raid leader and officers either during but usually after a raid is completed.

DO NOT become to Gear Focused. Please keep in mind we may select someone to raid because we need them to fill a spot to compensate for newer tanks, lesser dps or lesser heals to help finish the raid, not because they need something from that specific raid. We do watch who is willing to help the new raiders and who is not. If you are found to be declining raids because you feel you should no longer have to go because you have all the gear from that instance, then you may or may not be considered for higher level raids. You cannot “sign up” for a specific raid and expect to only go to that higher level raid and not assist if needed on the older ones. Why should we help you get gear when you are not willing to help your fellow Ronins? Did we not help you? It is a joint effort. Remember where you came from as a new 100 with no gear and previous geared Ronins were being helping you in new raids. Do not become too arrogant or gear minded that you forget the Ronins who are just now starting their raiding experience and look to the geared players for support. We leave no man behind (at least we try not to). Everyone will be allowed to progress but it takes time. And it takes teamwork and the willingness to help one another.
So on that note, Lets Rock it Ronin! ;-)

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